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Project Description

This project provides an object model for building HealthVault-connected applications with ASP.NET MVC. See Building a HealthVault-connected ASP.NET MVC application to get started.

HealthVault Resources

Project Contents

  • /Mvc: Provides an object model for connecting to HealthVault and invoking HealthVault service APIs from an ASP.NET MVC application.
  • /app: Contains sample controllers and views that leverage the OM, and configuration files for a HealthVault-connected ASP.NET MVC application. This includes:
    • AccountController: Sample controller showing HealthVault sign-in and sign-out.
    • HomeController: Demonstrates HealthVault user identity and record data access.
    • About view, Basic view, and Index view
    • web.config sample including HealthVault app config settings and ASP.NET MVC config settings.
    • global.asax.cs sample which sets up routing to the HealthVault controllers.

Getting Started

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